The Chicken Dance

“And wow – imagine how bad you think Chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible, then turn off your TV.”
—@tedleo: 1:34 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“Then stop tweeting and drink and cry yourself to sleep.”
—@tedleo: 1:35 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“And maybe punch yourself in the face once or twice to remind you that you’re still alive and human.”
—@tedleo: 1:53 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“AUG-2 @HalifaxRockfest “imagine how bad you think @chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible” (via @tedleo)”
—@thedingler: 11:20 AM Jun 6th from Tweetie

“@thedingler Hey – thanks a lot, Halifax – you just got me in trouble with Chad Smith, who I’m sure can kick my ass!”
—@tedleo: 11:48 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo The band logo is a square peace sign. You could take a couple elderly faux hippies that can’t lug their own gear.”
—@thedingler: 1:43 PM Jun 6th from Tweetie in reply to tedleo

“@thedingler Huh – you might be right – thanks for the vote of confidence!”
—@tedleo: 2:04 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo @thedingler The Satch is a guitar legend, still playing those sweet sweet licks. Chickenfoot is already great.”
—@HalifaxRockfest 8:14 PM Jun 6th from web

“@HalifaxRockfest Whatever. You know who’s great? North of America, Jale, and Sloan – dig your own backyard, dude!”
—@tedleo: 10:02 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to HalifaxRockfest

“@tedleo Haven’t heard of North of America or Jale, but Sloan is playing with us Aug. 2nd.”
—@HalifaxRockfest: 12:25 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to tedleo

Yuk Yuk’s Competition Makes Mark Little Richer, Handsomer


The Chronicle Herald randomly chose a photo of a Picnicface member to run with their article on Mark.

In case you haven’t heard, Mark Little of Picnicface is $25,000 richer by winning Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off in Toronto last week.

I missed the big win, but managed to see Mark qualify to the finals. While he stood out as being one of the few qualifying comics to lean towards the absurd, it really looked like the judges (including Ben Mulroney) prefered the more straight-forward stand ups. At the semi-finals Mark squeaked by to the finals by coming in 4th place behind some typical Canuck comics including a guy whose big closer was a rant about the 10-year-old film Armagedon.

Luckily the judges for the finals included talent scouts for Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson.  The competition will air on the Comedy Network sometime in the future.

But the real highlight of Mark’s weekend was meeting the guy who played the dad in Troll 2.


Mark Little Laughed Off Stage

Picnicface’s Mark Little cleaned up in Toronto at the Yuk Yuk’s 2009 Great Canadian Laugh Off. Looking at the list of judges, we can only hope that Mr. Little will be making his debut appearance on late night television soon enough:

We also want to give a special shout-out to our judges for this evening: Ashley Olivia, talent coordinator for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien; Celia Joseph, researcher and comedy booker for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; Bruce Hills, chief operating officer for Just for Laughs; and Michelle Daly, director of content for The Comedy Network.

Battle of the Marks; and one emerges as the $25K winner | Yuk Yuk’s Laugh Off

Ghosts, specters and succubi around the HRM rest a little easier today, safe in the knowledge that their dusk to dawn diddling will again be safe behind the iron curtain of secrecy and denial. This relief, of course, comes in the form of Peter Duffy’s retirement from the “Old Lady of Argyle Street.”

From today’s Chronicle Herald:

After 28 years of stories and columns, it’s farewell to The Chronicle Herald. If you read my piece last Tuesday, you know I was thinking about it. Well, I’ve finished thinking about it.

The catalyst for my decision was a buyout package offered to those of us who are members of the newsroom union. Note that I said “the catalyst” and not “the reason.”

These are difficult economic times and the Old Lady of Argyle Street, as I still affectionately think of The Herald even though we moved shop last year, is not immune. Management is looking to cull the herd and a common way to do that is offer a financial incentive, based on years of service. So we all got the buyout offers.

Unfortunately, there’s more to this difficult story. Two dozen members of the news staff have been given layoff notices — as you also probably know if you read our business pages.

Now here’s the thing: For each of us who takes the buyout, a position will be saved.

So actually, my leaving is a good thing because it’ll save a colleague’s career. But there’s more to it than that. I’m leaving because my heart is telling me to.

Perhaps comments section user Stubbs said it best when he said:

Goodbye and good riddance, you irrelevant old fart. is Assessing Your Interests for the Future

I don’t think I received one piece of useful information from this newsletter since signing up:

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To Your Health and Taxes

Speaking of health, this was announced over the holidays, but I haven’t read much about it locally: Fitness tax breaks encourage activity: Experts | Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA – Just in time for New Year’s resolutions vowing to shed those extra pounds, Nova Scotia this week became the first province in the country to offer a tax credit for the cost of gym memberships and other physical activities.

The Healthy Living Tax Credit was first introduced in 2005 for children’s activities and has now been extended to all Nova Scotians, who can claim up to $500 worth of registration fees for any organized sport or activity including ski passes, dance classes, swimming lessons and gym memberships.

Those who support the idea say the tax credit will encourage more people to be active, which will in turn mean a healthier population, and will save the government millions of dollars in health-care spending.

While Nova Scotia is the first to implement the tax credit for active adults, Alberta is not far behind.

Might as well try and claim my Wii Fit for a tax break. Or would I have to say I was agoraphobic?

Maybe the best part about it is its group potential, for families or friends. Web designer and former Coast contributor Iain MacLeod is a Wii Fit fan, in that it allows him and his partner more flexibility to exercise and have fun together, especially with their two-year-old daughter. “We’re former gym-goers, and we thought this was perfect, a step in the right direction. We like that it gives you a certain amount of activities to do and as you get more involved it ‘unlocks’ more things to do.” MacLeod also likes that it’s less intimidating than a health club, which really isn’t his scene. “It’s a bit more interactive than the gym experience. It’s social in a different way.”

From Halifax indoors: 14 tips to well being | The Coast.

Update: I guess you have to know what you are searching for, when it comes to the government… “fitness” and “tax” isn’t enough. The program is called the Healthly Living Tax Incentive.

It’s Fun to Stay at the YMCBC

This shouldn’t be shocking to anybody familiar with the state and age of the buildings on the corner of South Park and Sackville Street, but word from the YMCA Board of Directors and Management team is that they are in planning stages for a new downtown complex alongside CBC/Radio Canada. This is in the early stages and includes about two years of market research, site reviewing and consultation. In what appears to be just the beginning of “a long and multi faceted process”:

Today, we are in the preliminary stages of clearly understanding the potential development opportunities on the joint parcel of land and the implications for a new YMCA. To this end, the YMCA and CBC/Radio Canada will be submitting a joint development application to HRM at the end of January 2009.

There is no need to panic just yet about temporary closures, because the Halifax Regional Municipality still has to hear and approve such a development (up to 18 months away) plus involving the development community and most likely countless consultations. This appears to include South Park YMCA building (built in 1951), the CBC Radio Building and the adjouning parking lots.

Why is The YMCA collaborating with the CBC/Radio Canada?

In addition to being neighbours with joint properties that may have greater potential as one piece of land, The YMCA and CBC share a common mission and mandate to serve the whole community for public good. This shared purpose heightens the potential positive outcome for this community if a collaborative development could take place.

I couldn’t see much talk about this joint venture online, but it looks like $1,642.57 was spent on meetings involving Michel Saint-Cyr, President, Real Estate Division and meetings with CBC Regional Director Andrew Cochran, the YMCA, Halifax Films and Port Authority last August.

Putting the Piss in Posters

12 3 posters I submitted to Gig Posters a long time ago and the stir they caused amongst users of the site:

From Frank Kozik (wikipedia writes: Credited with single handedly reviving the “lost” art of the concert poster)

apparentley, there is no shampoo where they live.
the one guy, however is RAD because he’s got a rivet through his face.

Again from Frank Kozik:

they perform Skits For Seniors twice a month at the Home.
Mysteriously, a lot of the seniors seem to be ill on those days an stay in their rooms.
Except for Mrs. Rosebaum. But she thinks she’s back in Poland anyway.

From Montreal designers Seripop:

sure is a lost cause i feel bad cause it’s all ages and collecting food but christ i’m sure some kid in the coxheath punk scene has a bit of artistic skill. they should find that kid. this is ugly beyoun belief

Extreme Pogo

Chris Lambie wrote this about a 15-year-old kid from Truro, Daniel Mahoney, who appeared on Ellen to demonstrate a pogo-stick. He currently holds the pogo stick high jump record at 2.33 meters.  But all this started when he was 12.

“I thought, ‘Hmm, why not search up extreme pogo?’ ” he said, adding that his Internet search led him to Spencer’s website and a renewed love for the bouncy sticks.

This “extreme pogo” video speaks for itself. This kid is Jackie Chan with a pogo stick.

Let’s Go to War But Not Telling Anyone Who We Are Fighting For

I meant to post these weeks ago, but I got a little lazy. Not exactly news now, but these are the links I collected on the story as it unfolded:

An instrumental track from a song “burning up the Hollywood gossip pages” that is rumored to be written about Britney Spears’ ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has Halifax roots.

After carefully studying a 30 second sample on iTunes of “Mmm Papi” from Britney’s latest release entitled Circus, I cannot say I see any formal connection or even influence with the work of either Sloan, North of America, Matt Mays, the Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, April Wine or Ann Murray.
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Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees on Youth Club

A quick look at The Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Winter 2009 tells us that on January 13th, the following album will be available from the 1st runner-up Best local band to dance to and Best dressed local artist according to the The Coast’s Best of Music Reader’s Poll:

  • Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees: Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees [Youth Club]
  • The actual CD Release party is scheduled for January 16th at The Marquee Club and features Woodhands and Tomcat Combat.

    Unhappy New Year

    2009 didn’t start off so great for the attendees of New Years Eve at the Cunard Center last night.

    The Facebook page for the event has several pages of complaints from people demanding their money back or searching for missing jackets. Apparently the organizers were unable to handle the high volume of people attending the event which cost $40 for regular tickets and $100 for VIP tickets. Long lineups for the mandatory coat check and at the bars as well as a “riot” at the coat check at the end of the night have resulted in many attendees to claim this was one of the worst New Years Eve events they attended.

    The organizer, Brad Steeves of East Coast Dynamics and East Coast Pubcrawls has blamed the Cunard Center and Source Security for any problems in a post to Facebook that has been removed.

    I’m the owner the East Coast Dynamics and I organized this event. I made sure that The Cunard Centre and Source Security knew how many people would be attending. They did not staff properly. As for the Coat Check, when people riot it and try to find their own coat, shit gets out of hand. So the staff did their best to get everyone’s coat back to the right person. If you still don’t have your coat, I suggest you call RCR Hospitality (who own the Cunard). I’m sure they’ll do there best to help you out. I’m going to leave this wall open so that people can still express their opinions, cause everyone’s intitled to one. Sorry for all the mass confusion..

    For anyone still missing a coat, there will be a “coat exchange” at noon on January 2 at the Cunard Center. According to a message Steeves sent out to members of the Facebook event:

    If you took a coat in error when you left, please bring it back and we will endeavor to locate your own coat if you left without a coat, we have a number of coats at the facility. Please be prepared to give a complete description of the coat and any contents. If you are unable to attend in person, please email with a complete description of your coat.