Helen Hill story on Fifth Estate tonight

Beloved filmmaker Helen Hill‘s tragic story will be told tonight (Wednesday) at 9:00pm on CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

From the CBC:

Canadians Helen Hill and Paul Gailiunas left their thriving artistic community in Halifax to live in New Orleans. Then in 2005, in a way that no one could have imagined, their lives became entwined with another story, one that filled headlines and television newscasts everywhere. On August 29th, Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans, leaving a city awash in death, chaos and crime. Murder statistics skyrocketed and, one night, Helen Hill became one of those statistics. She was shot dead by an intruder. Bob McKeown reports on the story of Helen and Paul and explains how her death explains what has gone wrong in New Orleans before, during and since Katrina.

I found this interview with Helen on Youtube talking film and New Orleans:

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