Horrible Human Being Coming to Halifax

Gene Simmons of Gene Simmons Toyota and the band KISS is packing his Axe bass and coming to Halifax.

“We’ll do a handful of shows to keep in the game (next) summer, maybe 10 (dates), some Canadian shows. I know Halifax is one, but before you get out there and start the baseball season, they hold exhibition games, that’s what we’re doing. ’Cause once we go out, it’s going to be for a year and a half,” Simmons said.

Simmons has recently set out to revitalize the Canadian music industry with his label Simmons Records.

“We’re going to provide the kind of caring record company the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Motown, where the head knucklehead — that’s going to be me — is involved in every facet of your life,” he said.

I’m going to burn him a CD of Halifax bands he should consider for his label. Any suggestions? Who is the Gene Simmons of Halifax?

For inspiration, check out this interview Simmons did with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

NOA Reunion

Two unmissable shows next month:

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23 w/ The Just Barelys
Tickets: $10/adv $12/door

Tickets: $10

These shows will not only mark a reunion of the band but will feature all five members of NORTH of AMERICA including original guitarist and founding member J. LaPointe. The back catalogue will be heavily mined.

Pick up advance tickets from ticketpro.

As If You Need Another Reason to Never Listen to 101.3 Bounce

Halifax’s new #1 choice for hit music is proud to present your new #1 choice for a good time in the morning!!

Frankie Hollywood, Jordan Knight and Amber are your hosts for The Morning BOUNCE, a party every Monday through Friday from 5:30-10AM.

The Morning BOUNCE is a highly energetic and fun-filled romp featuring fresh features, tonnes of laughs, cool contests and the hottest music.

The crew is led by Frankie Hollywood, a Cape Breton native whose hobbies include bench pressing people and running marathons. He’s also “rap-oleptic”, meaning he will spontaneously breaks out into verse without warning!

Jordan Knight (a female, not a member of NKOTB) is the diva of the crew with a heart of gold. She’s just straight up real and cool and will tell you what’s what.

Amber is your guru of all things gossip and entertainment related – trading in a life of hard news for the Daily Sleaze!

It’s a crazy party with the hottest music – it’s The Morning BOUNCE!

How many hate crimes are being committed in the above paragraph?

UPDATE! The Morning Bounce also have this blog where I found out that they do Crank’D! Yeah that’s right, these pranksters with ‘rap-olepsy’ make crank phone calls! It’s like Hello Metro with a hip hop vibe. That’s just so great.

What Does That Make You?

Dog back with owner after being found floating in box makes for a bittersweet reunion story.

The whole thing, aside from the tearful reunion of pet and pet lover, is pretty bizarre:

SPCA officials who released the dog said the plywood box was very well-made and included cut-out grooves for a tight fight. The materials used had a picture of a cartoon character similar to Lisa Simpson on it and what looks like “Juggqzo for life.” The dog was wearing a collar.

But the real gold is in the comments on the story which feature my favourite phenomenon, posters who admonish the perpetrator for being sick and cruel and then dream up sick and cruel punishments:

COD from NFLD writes: The person who did this, should have the same thing done to them… only NO RESCUE..

darrell gouthro from calgary, alberta writes: whoever done this should be tortured…nothing but cowards..i’d like to have them in a locked room,with me!

I do not understand these people, but I do appreciate the ironic comedy they produce.
(I am also pretty sure Darrell Gouthro went to my junior high).

And then finally, “Are you there God, it’s me, batshit crazy”:

Just nobody: Anywhere from Sydney, N.S. writes: STRANGE?? Not at all strange ! We’ve had someone in our woods along atv trails here ..setting up barbed wire snares and torturing our wild life slowly to death . Almost a hundred of them I hear! We’ve had someone , pull over to the side of the road and SHOOT a fox with a rifle and CUT OFF it’s tail in broad day light. Strange ?? Then after that , we have someone , make a wooden box and try to sufficate a small domestic dog slowly to death.Strange is it?? Wake up people!! We have a serious problem out there…. where is this nut?? What will he do next?? It appears to me that this person with carpenter skills wants to get caught no?? What’s next. Is there anyone listening?/ God I hope so!!

TMA Make Awesome Music and Videos

Ron Bates and Chris Thompson of The Memories Attack haven’t officially released their new self-titled album yet, but have three awesome videos from it already.

Paypal $14 to orders@noyesrecords.com and order a copy of this contender for pop record of the year.

The Raft

Peaks & Valleys

Exploding House II

You Don’t Volunteer Information Like That*

Stowaway Desperate to see his Kids

But through talking with mutual friends, Mr. Vasilev suspects his estranged wife told the Immigration and Refugee Board something damning about him.

“Maybe she said that if she was to come back here, maybe I was going to kill her or something like that,” he said. “That’s not true, of course.”

I don’t know George Vasilev, of course, but maybe someone should him advise that you don’t volunteer information like that. Fuck George, watch the Wire for god sakes. The first season must have made it over to Bulgaria by now.

*Why? Because it makes you sound like you really did threaten to kill your estranged wife. Non-killing members of the population don’t usually throw those sorts of phrases around.

MBV: Now with 100% Less Sydney Mines

My Bloody Valentine is being remade as 2009 3-D movie.

I hope they keep the tagline: In this town on Valentine’s Day, everyone loses their heart

An interview with George Mihalka the director of the original which was a filmed on location in Sydney Mines, NS at the old Princess Colliery Mine.

TT: How did they react to your presence in the community?

GM: Oh, they loved us. They just thought it was great. They were the most cooperative, wonderful people in the world. It’s just that we couldn’t now ask them to spend money after they lovingly and innocently spent all that money cleaning it up. We couldn’t exactly say “well, sorry we’re leaving unless you now spend money to destroy everything you just did.”

TT: Did the love last for the whole shoot?

GM: Oh yeah. At that time, we were the only game in town. Sydney Mines was suffering some serious economic recession. Coal mines were closing all over the area. We still were spending quite a bit of money there…restaurants, hotels, car rental agencies. We also used assistants, carpenters and painters…