Jim vs Jim

Speaking of news, I caught this interview on Thursday night featuring local actor John Dunsworth (Mr. Jim Lahey on The Trailer Park Boys) and Jim Nunn (anchor of CBC News at Six):

Note: I apologize for the watermark on the video. If grabbing streams of local media becomes a regular thing, I will spring for the plugin.


8 thoughts on “Jim vs Jim

  1. What a bloody joke. That was not an interview it was a “Why I hate TPB blog post”. He should go set up a WP site and vent instead of trying to pass that off as journalism. No debate there. He threw the gaunlet down right off the top and shut his mind.

    Joke. It came off like a setup.

    Who knows these days but thanks for the repost. I had missed it originally.

    Craig Moore

    • Trailer Park Boys need to come back Perhaps with new characters? How about Dustin Etan and upstate New York Trailer Park Boys? Hmmm?

  2. the thing about Trailer Park that Jim Numb is not getting is the brotherly love, the family loyalty and the common thread of humanity. This is not a value-less show. And if he is so poorly traveled and so totally out of touch with the world as to think that archetypal characters like Bubbles, Ricky and Julian are meant to represent the Maritime poor vs. characters we universally know and either love/hate or tolerate in all of our communities, that is his loss and his ignorance to deal with.

    I will miss the trailer park boys – it was honest, hilarious and touching without being schmaltzy and ridiculous. Thanks for the memories, boys.

  3. How about if someone just finds the show boring, stale and unfunny?
    How many times can you recycle the same one note jokes over and over?

  4. haha this guy can go fuck off he has no say in saying that tpb sucks fuck u news reporter asshole go shave your vagina hah

  5. I would love to punch Jim Numb in the face. Just cause your a pompous geezer who gets his own interview segmant doesn’t give you the right to knock Canada’s funniest television show. DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW MANY FOUL MOUTHED, DOPE-SMOKING, BEER-DRINKING, FUN-LOVING CANADIANS MAKE UP OUR COUNTRIES POPULATION?!?! I mean your obviously not meant to take the show seriously. Get off your high horse and take the stick out of your ass fag. TAILER PARK LIFE!!!

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