MBV: Now with 100% Less Sydney Mines

My Bloody Valentine is being remade as 2009 3-D movie.

I hope they keep the tagline: In this town on Valentine’s Day, everyone loses their heart

An interview with George Mihalka the director of the original which was a filmed on location in Sydney Mines, NS at the old Princess Colliery Mine.

TT: How did they react to your presence in the community?

GM: Oh, they loved us. They just thought it was great. They were the most cooperative, wonderful people in the world. It’s just that we couldn’t now ask them to spend money after they lovingly and innocently spent all that money cleaning it up. We couldn’t exactly say “well, sorry we’re leaving unless you now spend money to destroy everything you just did.”

TT: Did the love last for the whole shoot?

GM: Oh yeah. At that time, we were the only game in town. Sydney Mines was suffering some serious economic recession. Coal mines were closing all over the area. We still were spending quite a bit of money there…restaurants, hotels, car rental agencies. We also used assistants, carpenters and painters…


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