What Does That Make You?

Dog back with owner after being found floating in box makes for a bittersweet reunion story.

The whole thing, aside from the tearful reunion of pet and pet lover, is pretty bizarre:

SPCA officials who released the dog said the plywood box was very well-made and included cut-out grooves for a tight fight. The materials used had a picture of a cartoon character similar to Lisa Simpson on it and what looks like “Juggqzo for life.” The dog was wearing a collar.

But the real gold is in the comments on the story which feature my favourite phenomenon, posters who admonish the perpetrator for being sick and cruel and then dream up sick and cruel punishments:

COD from NFLD writes: The person who did this, should have the same thing done to them… only NO RESCUE..

darrell gouthro from calgary, alberta writes: whoever done this should be tortured…nothing but cowards..i’d like to have them in a locked room,with me!

I do not understand these people, but I do appreciate the ironic comedy they produce.
(I am also pretty sure Darrell Gouthro went to my junior high).

And then finally, “Are you there God, it’s me, batshit crazy”:

Just nobody: Anywhere from Sydney, N.S. writes: STRANGE?? Not at all strange ! We’ve had someone in our woods along atv trails here ..setting up barbed wire snares and torturing our wild life slowly to death . Almost a hundred of them I hear! We’ve had someone , pull over to the side of the road and SHOOT a fox with a rifle and CUT OFF it’s tail in broad day light. Strange ?? Then after that , we have someone , make a wooden box and try to sufficate a small domestic dog slowly to death.Strange is it?? Wake up people!! We have a serious problem out there…. where is this nut?? What will he do next?? It appears to me that this person with carpenter skills wants to get caught no?? What’s next. Is there anyone listening?/ God I hope so!!


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