As If You Need Another Reason to Never Listen to 101.3 Bounce

Halifax’s new #1 choice for hit music is proud to present your new #1 choice for a good time in the morning!!

Frankie Hollywood, Jordan Knight and Amber are your hosts for The Morning BOUNCE, a party every Monday through Friday from 5:30-10AM.

The Morning BOUNCE is a highly energetic and fun-filled romp featuring fresh features, tonnes of laughs, cool contests and the hottest music.

The crew is led by Frankie Hollywood, a Cape Breton native whose hobbies include bench pressing people and running marathons. He’s also “rap-oleptic”, meaning he will spontaneously breaks out into verse without warning!

Jordan Knight (a female, not a member of NKOTB) is the diva of the crew with a heart of gold. She’s just straight up real and cool and will tell you what’s what.

Amber is your guru of all things gossip and entertainment related – trading in a life of hard news for the Daily Sleaze!

It’s a crazy party with the hottest music – it’s The Morning BOUNCE!

How many hate crimes are being committed in the above paragraph?

UPDATE! The Morning Bounce also have this blog where I found out that they do Crank’D! Yeah that’s right, these pranksters with ‘rap-olepsy’ make crank phone calls! It’s like Hello Metro with a hip hop vibe. That’s just so great.


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