Jim vs Jim

Speaking of news, I caught this interview on Thursday night featuring local actor John Dunsworth (Mr. Jim Lahey on The Trailer Park Boys) and Jim Nunn (anchor of CBC News at Six):

Note: I apologize for the watermark on the video. If grabbing streams of local media becomes a regular thing, I will spring for the plugin.


Have you heard the news???

Halifax Rocks! on iTunes

Halifax Rocks! on iTunes

Welcome to the weird and wonderful North Atlantic coast — a Nova Scotia melting pot of great bands, best enjoyed with beers and a bellyful of signature Halifax donairs. Even though the city never quite turned out to be the “next Seattle”, as the hype-mongers hoped it would in the mid-’90’s Halifax has always rocked heartily on its own inventive, eclectic, and deliciously salty terms. In various guises, the Halifax Pop Explosion festival has been showcasing the city’s finest for the best part of two decades, but here — in the digital ether — we bring you the rock of Halifax in all its glory, from trailblazers April Wine to global superstar Sarah McLachlan, plus a hot stew of indie/alt groundbreakers including Thrush Hermit and the Trews. Halifaxion guaranteed.

Dog Fuckers Need Not Apply

According to the Chronicle Herald, people are being turned down for jobs in the Halifax Regional Municipality because of a polygraph test that includes embarrassing questions about animal sex.

Applicants wanting to be police officers or bylaw enforcement officers or even to answer the phone in the dogcatcher’s office must take a lie detector test.

A woman who wanted an information technology job with the municipality says she was humiliated when she was asked whether she had had sex with animals.

“It’s outrageous that . . . questions that they couldn’t ask under human rights legislation, they can ask by virtue of saying it’s necessary to do a security clearance,” said Nancy Elliott, business agent for the Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees.

Besides the part about having sex with animals, this invasive use of a lie detector for hiring mundane jobs seems like another instance where Mr Show sketches become reality

Raccoon Doesn’t Want Kids to Kill Themselves on Dangerous Vehicles

The Chronicle Herald reports that 3rd graders in Glace Bay were given all-terrain vehicle safety videos for grading day. In a province where providing sex education to 12 year olds was considered “abuse” in 2004, I’m glad to see that the education system has grown a pair and is encouraging children to drive ATVs.

Order your own free copy of the video in question, or check out Rascal the Raccoon’s videos online.

Dal Prof Weighs in on CNNs “Holograms”

A hologram expert and professor of theoretical physics at Dalhousie sets the record straight on the hologram-like images used in CNN’s election coverage in this CBC article:

The CNN anchors were not really speaking to three-dimensional projected images, but rather empty space, Kreuzer said. The images were simply added to what viewers saw on their screens at home, in much the same way computer-generated special effects are added to movies.

Kreuzer said the images were tomograms, which are images that are captured from all sides, reconstructed by computers, then displayed on screen.

Holograms, on the other hand, are projected into space.

Will.I.Am was unavailable for comment.