Halifax “being fair to everybody” by eliminating bus passes for the blind

According to the CBC, Halifax will stop giving free bus passes to CNIB to distribute to blind riders this summer.

“It’s not something we like to have to take away from one group,” said Lori Patterson, spokeswoman for Metro Transit. “But the fact [is] that we’re not able to offer it to many groups.

“We’re trying to be fair to everybody, and this is what we have to do.”

This blogger explains that some of the “freebies” blind people are entitled to ensure that the blind have Access to Information (free talking books or devices to play the audio).

Blind people are not permitted to drive, therefore the free transit pass was introduced as a means of protecting the right to access employment, education etc.

If HRM was concerned with promoting fairness for people with disabilities, wouldn’t providing free service for more people with disabilities make sense?


Sad News

The North End has lost Peter Roberts. Nobody made Gus’ Pub feel as welcoming and wonderful as Peter. It was only three days ago that we were talking about how much we looked forward to the upcoming New Years show at Gus’. Peter will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace.

Crown Attorney Pisses on Grave

From yesterday’sChronicle Herald:

GLACE BAY — Daniel Taylor’s friends knew him as an avid skateboarder who had long fought for the local skate park that was named in his memory when it opened this past July.

But he was also a repeat offender, convicted of two separate assault-related charges since 2005, and that should have been caught by those naming the park, says a local Crown attorney.

Mr. Taylor, who was in his early 20s, died earlier this year.

Prosecutor Gerald MacDonald said it’s inappropriate for taxpayers’ money to support a facility named after someone recently convicted. And he’s shared his concerns with municipal and provincial staff.

“This is an affront to every victim of violent crime in the CBRM,” Mr. MacDonald said in a recent interview.

Argyle Cobblers Ltd files for Creditor Protection

Bad news from The Coast:

Argyle Cobblers Limited, the holding company for The Economy Shoe Shop, The Marquee and The Seahorse Tavern has filed for creditor protection under the terms of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

The application with the bankruptcy court in Halifax, signed by Argyle Cobblers owner Victor Syperek, list debts totaling $555,107 owed on 89 accounts. The largest debt is unpaid taxes of $170,797. Other creditors include restaurant suppliers M&S Food Service ($86,457), Big Eric’s ($11,350) and British Butcher ($3,542.) The Coast is owed $10,721.

Full creditor protection filing can be found here.

Reason #109 to Avoid the Bridge Terminal

15 Arrested in Dartmouth in Dispute Over How Long It Takes to Cook Microwave Popcorn

Update Local Mensa members comment on story:

What are we supposed to do with these wannabee gangsters/criminals? How about one-night in Compton to teach them a real lesson, one which hopefully they don’t return from.


Thank god for wikipedia!

and again, genius from my new favourite CBC commentator, clamdigger from Shediac, NB:

Get rid of the young offenders act and start sending theese punks to boot camp and if they scew up the secound time send them to afghanstan.OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MINE.

clamdigger is a huge fan of the sending criminals to afghanstan (sic):

perfect sentence for cowards like these people.SHIP them t to afghanistan.Bet they won’t feell so tough over there on the front lines

clamdigger has never met a sentence he couldn’t mutilate.

Books on Tape: Tonight…and then again Tomorrow!

Books on Tape aka Todd Drootin

Raised on punk and then hooked on electronic music and hip hop as he start to create music, Books on Tape is the moniker of Los Angeles based artist Todd Drootin.

Books on Tape became well known for the eclectic mash-ups and frenetic stage presence that were a staple of assault like performances. Loaded with a sense of humour and AKAI MPC2000, Drootin’s live show

Drootin isn’t Kid 606, Four Tet or Manitoba, he’s a cut and paste collage soloist that is the most perfect example of the term Beat Punk. Drootin keeps things simple with Books On Tape, he’s able to mine a vast number of genres from ammo and samples while still keeping things decidedly punk and playful.

He returns to Halifax for the third time on December 12th and 13th after a brief retirement which saw Drootin work as a grader of vinyl for collectors. Drootin works 9-5, five days a week, listening to, comparing and grading records, determining which press of Abbey Road sounds the best. Drootin is in Halifax for an exclusive set of reunion shows (Can you reunite with yourself?) alongside former tour mates, A/V, Windom Earle and Mark Black.

He has number of releases on labels including Alien 8, Deathbomb Arc, and Grey Day. He has shared the stage with everyone from Prefuse 73 to Shonen Knife to the Brutal Knights’ Nick Flanagan.

Dec 12th at the Seahorse

Books on Tape (LA)
Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
Windom Earle
Mark Black

Dec 13th at Gus’ Pub
Books on Tape
Myles Deck & the Fuzz
The Gideons