Reason #109 to Avoid the Bridge Terminal

15 Arrested in Dartmouth in Dispute Over How Long It Takes to Cook Microwave Popcorn

Update Local Mensa members comment on story:

What are we supposed to do with these wannabee gangsters/criminals? How about one-night in Compton to teach them a real lesson, one which hopefully they don’t return from.,_California

Thank god for wikipedia!

and again, genius from my new favourite CBC commentator, clamdigger from Shediac, NB:

Get rid of the young offenders act and start sending theese punks to boot camp and if they scew up the secound time send them to afghanstan.OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MINE.

clamdigger is a huge fan of the sending criminals to afghanstan (sic):

perfect sentence for cowards like these people.SHIP them t to afghanistan.Bet they won’t feell so tough over there on the front lines

clamdigger has never met a sentence he couldn’t mutilate.


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