Can Sundance Handle Treevenge?

I just got a message from Glen Matthews that Jason Eisener’s Treevenge will be playing Sundance.

We’re not entirely sure of the schedule yet, but we do know that TREEVENGE will be playing (at least) four times with “Dead Snow,” about a ski trip that starts with beer and sex — and ends with zombie Nazis. Match made in heaven.

Here’s the trailer for Dead Snow:


Idea for a Pizza Snack Commercial

I just read in The Metro that an 18-year-old was sentenced to four years for stabbing a 21-year old.

The two men, both armed with knives, began fighting at a Cowie Hill house party over how long it took to microwave a pizza snack.

I’m not sure what’s going on up on Cowie Hill. I grew up there and although I never stabbed anyone over a pizza snack, I did smash a guitar over my brother‘s head when I was a toddler.

So don’t fuck with anyone on Cowie Hill over anything. Death before Dishonour.

JUICEBOXdotcom’s Brief Guide to Halifax’s North End

Love: It is better than Greenwich Village in its heyday

Clearly written by a 60 something beatnik.

And on another note:
You’re Listening to Garbage, Truro native and former Capital Death member, Dave Brown’s great punk and hardcore blog. Dave plays drums in Career Suicide and runs Sewercide Records (C.I., Genetic Angry).

It inspired me to listen to G.A. again and boy, oh boy are they good. So excited to pick up a copy of their 7″ (Thoughts b/w Change) on Sewercide.

Vote Nerd Army

Brad MacDougall (Nerd Army/Windom Earle) entered a contest for Mapex drums and he needs your help.

View his submission here.

If you wish to vote for him, email with the subject “My DrumHero Vote”. Write “Brad MacDougall” in the body of the email and a link to the video (

Here’s a completely different video of Nerd Army playing a video game store:

Die Brücke – Who Gets the Kids EP – Free Download

Since physical copies of Die Brücke‘s second EP recorded by Michael Catano have sold out, Mark Black has put up a free download of the record with a bonus remix of the title track by Ron Bates of The Memories Attack. Die Brücke broke up after drummer Greg Boone moved to Montreal to become a Frenchman.

Who Gets the Kids? EP

01 Who Gets the Kids?
02 This Song is About Girls
03 Unfair
04 Aspirin
05 Traffic
06 Charm School

Wintersleep on Pitchfork

Wintersleep‘s latest album, Welcome to the Night Sky, has been released in the States and received a great review in Pitchfork.

They even give the drummer some:

It is drummer and founding member Loel Campbell, however, who provides Wintersleep’s magic touch. While the group’s songwriting certainly pulls off a trick or two, the end result would have significantly less impact under the treatment of a weaker rhythm section. The passion behind Campbell’s attentive, driving beats gives the songs a grittier edge, the lyrics more feeling, and pushes along the rest of the band with a momentum that connects the listener to the song faster than one might anticipate at the outset.