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The Chicken Dance

“And wow – imagine how bad you think Chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible, then turn off your TV.”
—@tedleo: 1:34 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“Then stop tweeting and drink and cry yourself to sleep.”
—@tedleo: 1:35 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“And maybe punch yourself in the face once or twice to remind you that you’re still alive and human.”
—@tedleo: 1:53 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“AUG-2 @HalifaxRockfest “imagine how bad you think @chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible” (via @tedleo)”
—@thedingler: 11:20 AM Jun 6th from Tweetie

“@thedingler Hey – thanks a lot, Halifax – you just got me in trouble with Chad Smith, who I’m sure can kick my ass!”
—@tedleo: 11:48 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo The band logo is a square peace sign. You could take a couple elderly faux hippies that can’t lug their own gear. http://is.gd/QrSL”
—@thedingler: 1:43 PM Jun 6th from Tweetie in reply to tedleo

“@thedingler Huh – you might be right – thanks for the vote of confidence! http://tr.im/nE00”
—@tedleo: 2:04 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo @thedingler The Satch is a guitar legend, still playing those sweet sweet licks. Chickenfoot is already great.”
—@HalifaxRockfest 8:14 PM Jun 6th from web

“@HalifaxRockfest Whatever. You know who’s great? North of America, Jale, and Sloan – dig your own backyard, dude!”
—@tedleo: 10:02 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to HalifaxRockfest

“@tedleo Haven’t heard of North of America or Jale, but Sloan is playing with us Aug. 2nd.”
—@HalifaxRockfest: 12:25 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to tedleo


Mark Little Laughed Off Stage

Picnicface’s Mark Little cleaned up in Toronto at the Yuk Yuk’s 2009 Great Canadian Laugh Off. Looking at the list of judges, we can only hope that Mr. Little will be making his debut appearance on late night television soon enough:

We also want to give a special shout-out to our judges for this evening: Ashley Olivia, talent coordinator for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien; Celia Joseph, researcher and comedy booker for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; Bruce Hills, chief operating officer for Just for Laughs; and Michelle Daly, director of content for The Comedy Network.

Battle of the Marks; and one emerges as the $25K winner | Yuk Yuk’s Laugh Off

Canada.com is Assessing Your Interests for the Future

I don’t think I received one piece of useful information from this newsletter since signing up:

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