The Chicken Dance

“And wow – imagine how bad you think Chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible, then turn off your TV.”
—@tedleo: 1:34 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“Then stop tweeting and drink and cry yourself to sleep.”
—@tedleo: 1:35 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“And maybe punch yourself in the face once or twice to remind you that you’re still alive and human.”
—@tedleo: 1:53 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck

“AUG-2 @HalifaxRockfest “imagine how bad you think @chickenfoot could be, then accept that there are deeper depths of horrible” (via @tedleo)”
—@thedingler: 11:20 AM Jun 6th from Tweetie

“@thedingler Hey – thanks a lot, Halifax – you just got me in trouble with Chad Smith, who I’m sure can kick my ass!”
—@tedleo: 11:48 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo The band logo is a square peace sign. You could take a couple elderly faux hippies that can’t lug their own gear.”
—@thedingler: 1:43 PM Jun 6th from Tweetie in reply to tedleo

“@thedingler Huh – you might be right – thanks for the vote of confidence!”
—@tedleo: 2:04 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to thedingler

“@tedleo @thedingler The Satch is a guitar legend, still playing those sweet sweet licks. Chickenfoot is already great.”
—@HalifaxRockfest 8:14 PM Jun 6th from web

“@HalifaxRockfest Whatever. You know who’s great? North of America, Jale, and Sloan – dig your own backyard, dude!”
—@tedleo: 10:02 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck in reply to HalifaxRockfest

“@tedleo Haven’t heard of North of America or Jale, but Sloan is playing with us Aug. 2nd.”
—@HalifaxRockfest: 12:25 PM Jun 7th from web in reply to tedleo

Let’s Go to War But Not Telling Anyone Who We Are Fighting For

I meant to post these weeks ago, but I got a little lazy. Not exactly news now, but these are the links I collected on the story as it unfolded:

An instrumental track from a song “burning up the Hollywood gossip pages” that is rumored to be written about Britney Spears’ ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has Halifax roots.

After carefully studying a 30 second sample on iTunes of “Mmm Papi” from Britney’s latest release entitled Circus, I cannot say I see any formal connection or even influence with the work of either Sloan, North of America, Matt Mays, the Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, April Wine or Ann Murray.
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Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees on Youth Club

A quick look at The Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Winter 2009 tells us that on January 13th, the following album will be available from the 1st runner-up Best local band to dance to and Best dressed local artist according to the The Coast’s Best of Music Reader’s Poll:

  • Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees: Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees [Youth Club]
  • The actual CD Release party is scheduled for January 16th at The Marquee Club and features Woodhands and Tomcat Combat.

    Books on Tape: Tonight…and then again Tomorrow!

    Books on Tape aka Todd Drootin

    Raised on punk and then hooked on electronic music and hip hop as he start to create music, Books on Tape is the moniker of Los Angeles based artist Todd Drootin.

    Books on Tape became well known for the eclectic mash-ups and frenetic stage presence that were a staple of assault like performances. Loaded with a sense of humour and AKAI MPC2000, Drootin’s live show

    Drootin isn’t Kid 606, Four Tet or Manitoba, he’s a cut and paste collage soloist that is the most perfect example of the term Beat Punk. Drootin keeps things simple with Books On Tape, he’s able to mine a vast number of genres from ammo and samples while still keeping things decidedly punk and playful.

    He returns to Halifax for the third time on December 12th and 13th after a brief retirement which saw Drootin work as a grader of vinyl for collectors. Drootin works 9-5, five days a week, listening to, comparing and grading records, determining which press of Abbey Road sounds the best. Drootin is in Halifax for an exclusive set of reunion shows (Can you reunite with yourself?) alongside former tour mates, A/V, Windom Earle and Mark Black.

    He has number of releases on labels including Alien 8, Deathbomb Arc, and Grey Day. He has shared the stage with everyone from Prefuse 73 to Shonen Knife to the Brutal Knights’ Nick Flanagan.

    Dec 12th at the Seahorse

    Books on Tape (LA)
    Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
    Windom Earle
    Mark Black

    Dec 13th at Gus’ Pub
    Books on Tape
    Myles Deck & the Fuzz
    The Gideons


    JUICEBOXdotcom’s Brief Guide to Halifax’s North End

    Love: It is better than Greenwich Village in its heyday

    Clearly written by a 60 something beatnik.

    And on another note:
    You’re Listening to Garbage, Truro native and former Capital Death member, Dave Brown’s great punk and hardcore blog. Dave plays drums in Career Suicide and runs Sewercide Records (C.I., Genetic Angry).

    It inspired me to listen to G.A. again and boy, oh boy are they good. So excited to pick up a copy of their 7″ (Thoughts b/w Change) on Sewercide.