Putting the Piss in Posters

12 3 posters I submitted to Gig Posters a long time ago and the stir they caused amongst users of the site:

From Frank Kozik (wikipedia writes: Credited with single handedly reviving the “lost” art of the concert poster)

apparentley, there is no shampoo where they live.
the one guy, however is RAD because he’s got a rivet through his face.

Again from Frank Kozik:

they perform Skits For Seniors twice a month at the Home.
Mysteriously, a lot of the seniors seem to be ill on those days an stay in their rooms.
Except for Mrs. Rosebaum. But she thinks she’s back in Poland anyway.

From Montreal designers Seripop:

sure is a lost cause i feel bad cause it’s all ages and collecting food but christ i’m sure some kid in the coxheath punk scene has a bit of artistic skill. they should find that kid. this is ugly beyoun belief