Ghosts, specters and succubi around the HRM rest a little easier today, safe in the knowledge that their dusk to dawn diddling will again be safe behind the iron curtain of secrecy and denial. This relief, of course, comes in the form of Peter Duffy’s retirement from the “Old Lady of Argyle Street.”

From today’s Chronicle Herald:

After 28 years of stories and columns, it’s farewell to The Chronicle Herald. If you read my piece last Tuesday, you know I was thinking about it. Well, I’ve finished thinking about it.

The catalyst for my decision was a buyout package offered to those of us who are members of the newsroom union. Note that I said “the catalyst” and not “the reason.”

These are difficult economic times and the Old Lady of Argyle Street, as I still affectionately think of The Herald even though we moved shop last year, is not immune. Management is looking to cull the herd and a common way to do that is offer a financial incentive, based on years of service. So we all got the buyout offers.

Unfortunately, there’s more to this difficult story. Two dozen members of the news staff have been given layoff notices — as you also probably know if you read our business pages.

Now here’s the thing: For each of us who takes the buyout, a position will be saved.

So actually, my leaving is a good thing because it’ll save a colleague’s career. But there’s more to it than that. I’m leaving because my heart is telling me to.

Perhaps comments section user Stubbs said it best when he said:

Goodbye and good riddance, you irrelevant old fart.


A Vengeful Diety

Punishing winter blast shuts down the city | Metro Halifax

A vengeful Mother Nature punished Halifax with more snow, ice pellets and freezing rain.

In response, Halifax decided to collectively call it a day.

In the print version of this news story, it said “a vengeful God.” In reality, it was just some weather.

Idea for a Pizza Snack Commercial

I just read in The Metro that an 18-year-old was sentenced to four years for stabbing a 21-year old.

The two men, both armed with knives, began fighting at a Cowie Hill house party over how long it took to microwave a pizza snack.

I’m not sure what’s going on up on Cowie Hill. I grew up there and although I never stabbed anyone over a pizza snack, I did smash a guitar over my brother‘s head when I was a toddler.

So don’t fuck with anyone on Cowie Hill over anything. Death before Dishonour.

Horrible Human Being Coming to Halifax

Gene Simmons of Gene Simmons Toyota and the band KISS is packing his Axe bass and coming to Halifax.

“We’ll do a handful of shows to keep in the game (next) summer, maybe 10 (dates), some Canadian shows. I know Halifax is one, but before you get out there and start the baseball season, they hold exhibition games, that’s what we’re doing. ’Cause once we go out, it’s going to be for a year and a half,” Simmons said.

Simmons has recently set out to revitalize the Canadian music industry with his label Simmons Records.

“We’re going to provide the kind of caring record company the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Motown, where the head knucklehead — that’s going to be me — is involved in every facet of your life,” he said.

I’m going to burn him a CD of Halifax bands he should consider for his label. Any suggestions? Who is the Gene Simmons of Halifax?

For inspiration, check out this interview Simmons did with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.