Let’s Go to War But Not Telling Anyone Who We Are Fighting For

I meant to post these weeks ago, but I got a little lazy. Not exactly news now, but these are the links I collected on the story as it unfolded:

An instrumental track from a song “burning up the Hollywood gossip pages” that is rumored to be written about Britney Spears’ ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has Halifax roots.

After carefully studying a 30 second sample on iTunes of “Mmm Papi” from Britney’s latest release entitled Circus, I cannot say I see any formal connection or even influence with the work of either Sloan, North of America, Matt Mays, the Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, April Wine or Ann Murray.
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Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees on Youth Club

A quick look at The Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Winter 2009 tells us that on January 13th, the following album will be available from the 1st runner-up Best local band to dance to and Best dressed local artist according to the The Coast’s Best of Music Reader’s Poll:

  • Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees: Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees [Youth Club]
  • The actual CD Release party is scheduled for January 16th at The Marquee Club and features Woodhands and Tomcat Combat.

    Have you heard the news???

    Halifax Rocks! on iTunes

    Halifax Rocks! on iTunes

    Welcome to the weird and wonderful North Atlantic coast — a Nova Scotia melting pot of great bands, best enjoyed with beers and a bellyful of signature Halifax donairs. Even though the city never quite turned out to be the “next Seattle”, as the hype-mongers hoped it would in the mid-’90’s Halifax has always rocked heartily on its own inventive, eclectic, and deliciously salty terms. In various guises, the Halifax Pop Explosion festival has been showcasing the city’s finest for the best part of two decades, but here — in the digital ether — we bring you the rock of Halifax in all its glory, from trailblazers April Wine to global superstar Sarah McLachlan, plus a hot stew of indie/alt groundbreakers including Thrush Hermit and the Trews. Halifaxion guaranteed.