Die Brücke – Who Gets the Kids EP – Free Download

Since physical copies of Die Brücke‘s second EP recorded by Michael Catano have sold out, Mark Black has put up a free download of the record with a bonus remix of the title track by Ron Bates of The Memories Attack. Die Brücke broke up after drummer Greg Boone moved to Montreal to become a Frenchman.

Who Gets the Kids? EP

01 Who Gets the Kids?
02 This Song is About Girls
03 Unfair
04 Aspirin
05 Traffic
06 Charm School


TMA Make Awesome Music and Videos

Ron Bates and Chris Thompson of The Memories Attack haven’t officially released their new self-titled album yet, but have three awesome videos from it already.

Paypal $14 to orders@noyesrecords.com and order a copy of this contender for pop record of the year.

The Raft

Peaks & Valleys

Exploding House II